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Are you working hard but not seeing it in your bank account?

Are you feeling work life balance is impossible?

Do you want more clients with less effort?

If you answered yes to one of these questions then this 1 day workshop is for you!

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5th August, 2019

Here is a little of what attendees say about

Donna and Sharon’s Events

Donna is so down to earth and her wisdom is astounding. She goes that extra mile to ensure she is the best so that her clients are the best they can be. I strongly recommend her. -Janet Culpitt

Sharon’s ability to make things simple and easy to understand and the reason why you do certain things in a certain way, is truly remarkable. -Lynette Gray

You will Learn

    • How to get paid what you’re worth.
    • How to convert sales faster without the hard sell.
    • How to have more time with working less.
    • How to stick to your personal and work boundaries.
    • How to stay laser focused and on track.
    • How to create raving fans and have them spreading your message.
    • How to promote yourself without the ego.
    • How to increase your income through relationship building.
    • The EXACT next step to growing yourself and your business massively.

Don’t miss out on this amazing event!

You will Receive

    • 5 key habits of profit focused business owners.
    • The proven methods to juggle business and life successfully.
    • Simple tactics to attract a stampede of new clients.
    • The most important piece of advice when in business.
    • The 90 day plan that successful business owners are using – that works!
Here is a little of what attendees say about

Donna and Sharon’s Events

Donna is a very caring and accomplished success coach, I recommend her with all of my heart . If you want to get rid of old trauma or take your business to the next level, Donna is the person you should go to. -Irene Lidvall

I was given the utmost privilege to cross paths with this one beautiful soul, who reached out, not just because it is her business, but because she genuinely cares about helping people…. about helping me be better.

She heard me, she listened without judgement, she guided me to see me again and what empowered me, she helped me see there is more and what I was seeing was only what I was choosing to see… She helped me let go and to learn and then guided me back on a path that I had strayed from. She opened my eyes to ways of helping others in the same manner, she did all of this on my timeframe and terms, I was not forced to make any changes that I did not already want for myself…

I could have spent double or triple and still feel that there is no monetary price I could have paid her in compensation for what she has given me in just a few hours of her time. -Anthea Lugg

We were lucky enough to have Sharon join us as a guest speaker at a recent Team Building Event. Being in the Customer Service business, Sharon brought the day to life with an energetic and personable discussion, highlighting some of her secrets to success. And the team were literally hanging on to every word, taking notes when she shared insights and laughing along as she told stories to demonstrate her theory in practice. All in all it was a terrific session and I’d highly recommend Sharon for other speaking engagements. -Sarah Corey

Head of Customer Service IT, Woolworths Ltd

Well what can I say, I was introduced to Sharon and I was amazed at what she did.

I have been privileged enough to attend some of her events that she holds (I am not a person who goes along to these things) and I wasn’t too sure about the whole thing but when I went to her events I was truly amazed at how real they are. How personal they are, and how much Sharon cares about people and helping them in their business to succeed.

These events are fun, really fun, you are not looking at your watch thinking is it time to go yet? You really do want to hear more of what Sharon has to say. I am a person who can switch off easily and this didn’t happen at her events. I didn’t want to miss anything she had to say and share with us.

Sharon is not a boring speaker – she keeps it real and interesting. Sharon makes each one of you feel special when you attend which is really lovely.

If you haven’t been to one of her events and are thinking about it like I was, just do it! You will not regret it. It is so professionally run and interesting you will not be sorry. -Andrea Welsh

Creative Director, ASK Creative

Who is this event for?

    • Passionate entrepreneurs who want to build a profitable business model.
    • People who want income far beyond what they thought possible.
    • People who want a great lifestyle while still owning a business.
    • Someone who wants to genuinely help people through their business.
    • People who want to build real long-lasting relationships.
    • People who know there is a better way.

Who is this event not for?

    • If you want to earn a quick buck and not deliver real value to your clients.
    • If you don’t want to grow yourself or your business.
    • If you believe you are already earning more than enough money than you desire.
    • You don’t want to change your lifestyle for the better.
    • You don’t want to have a long-term business.

5th August, 2019

At the completion of this event you will have…

    • The confidence, clarity and certainty to grow your business beyond your expectations.
    • Simple steps you can implement NOW to have more time and make more money.
    • Keys to achieving the results you desire.
    • The secret to keeping current clients doing business with you for life.

Don’t know Donna and Sharon

This is what people are saying about them



Yes, Sharon & Katie always guarantee their events. We believe that we deliver an amazing experience but if by chance we have not lived up to your high expectations by morning tea time on the first day let our team know at the back of the room and we not only will refund your money but we will double it! And we will give you Sharon’s international bestselling book – How to Grow Your Business Faster than Your Competitor.


You have nothing to lose but everything to gain!

About Donna

Donna is a master of NLP, Time Line Therapy® and Hypnosis, who after having turned her own life and business around, is totally motivated to help others create massive success and get the results they desire.

Donna shares her knowledge on how to turn things around fast and take them from average to extraordinary. She gives the tools and proven strategies to enable her clients to get clarity on their goals, own an unstoppable mindset and have the emotional intelligence to be confident and consistent in taking action.

Donna is truly passionate in making a positive impact on everyone she meets and has a way to connect with people that ensures they are inspired and empowered to change their lives and amplify their businesses in amazing ways.

About Sharon

Her real-life experiences and stories captivate the attendees in the room. Sharon has the attendees interacting and laughing along the way while delivering relevant content.

Sharon doesn’t use magic tricks or high pressure sales, she’s about being structured, putting processes in place to make your business work, being committed to and passionate about what you do in your business.

Sharon guides you, inspires you, challenges you and shows you how to grow you and your business faster then you ever expected.